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lighttpd / apache / textdrive speed up!

My websites running on textdrive were running really slow, which was frustrating since I’ve heard all the talk about how lighttpd is supposed to be fast fast fast. I was starting to think it was because my sites are on a shared server with many other websites. To my relief, it wasn’t that at all. After digging around on their forums, I discovered the issue!

To quote user ‘jmoses’:

“The slowness is caused by the Apache proxying. It takes apache forever to lookup the domain name to forward to.

If you change your ProxyPass and ProxyPassReverse from http://<hostname>:<port> to http://localhost:<port> you should see a dramatic speedup. I went from ~5-8s a request, to <1s."

Well, I just made the change, and bam, my sites are way faster.

See the whole thread.

They really need to change this on the textdrive manuals site.


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