Synthesis : Scott Becker

SXSW Post-Mortem

I’m back from Austin. This was my first SXSW, but probably not the last. Four days of total immersion with web professionals and super stars from all over the world can start to distort reality. But it was very inspiring! I’m full of new ideas and ambitions. One mantra from the conference to remember – ideas are 1%, execution is 99%.

At any given time, 1/3rd of the attendees were gazing into their laptop screen, usually a Mac powerbook. I guess I’ll soon be joining this world minority/design majority. I’m kinda glad I didn’t have mine during the sessions. The attendees that did were often surfing the web and reading OTHER blogs rather than paying attention! It would have helped to take more notes though – my hand is forgetting how to write manually. Many people were taking notes directly into their blogs, so I’m sure multiple outlines of every session already exists on the net some where.

Networkers paradise: I met a lot of cool people – some of the blogging elite, some who don’t blog, some old friends, and more.


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