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Rails 1.1, keep dreaming

Dreamhost has apparently upgraded Ruby on Rails to 1.1 on their servers. Too bad someone was asleep (har har) when they did it, because it’s all broken. Various gems didn’t get installed correctly and none of the rails commands work right. Hopefully this entry will soon look dated.

As documented by others, there is a way around this – get the rails 1.0 gems and unpack them into /vendor/rails in your rails apps.

Or if like me and you have multiple apps, make a centralized “resources” directory and put the rails gems in there, then symlink them to all of your apps vendor directories.

mkdir /home/username/resources
svn export "" /home/username/resources/rails
ln -s /home/username/resources/rails /home/username/rails_app/vendor/rails

It’s the reason this blog is up and running right now.

It’s a good idea to always freeze gems on your apps if your running on a shared host, otherwise you’re vulnerable to breakage whenever they upgrade.


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