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New version of AssetPackager

Thanks to Dan Kubb for alerting me to a new version of JSMin, the library used by AssetPackager to compress javascript.

With the release of the latest jQuery 1.1.1, it triggered a bug in how jsmin was treating characters within a regexp.

AssetPackager now has the latest version.

Also, for those using Prototype, the v1.5 release that comes with Rails 1.2.1 has a missing semi-colon on line 846. This of course breaks when compressed. To fix it, this line should have a semi-colon at the end. This:

if (params && /Konqueror|Safari|KHTML/.test(navigator.userAgent)) params += '&_='

Should be:

if (params && /Konqueror|Safari|KHTML/.test(navigator.userAgent)) params += '&_=';

Update: Michael Schuerig has posted this to the rails trac so hopefully this will be fixed soon. In the meantime, it’s pretty simple to make the change yourself.


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