Synthesis : Scott Becker

Happy 4th

It’s the 4th of July. I spent the morning getting some client work done, then getting my second run in for the month. 2.39 miles in 25 minutes. Getting faster! About to head out for the rest of the day.

Interesting things I’m thinking about when time permits:

Functional Reactive Programming or FRP: a programming paradigm for reactive programming using the building blocks of functional programming.  Reactive programming itself is a paradigm oriented around data flows and the propogation of change. (Data binging anyone?)  Data Flow is the idea that changing the value of a variable should automatically force recalculation of the values of variables which depend on it. Spreadsheets are the most widely used embodiment of data flow.

Session – Reinventing the REPL: I haven’t watched this whole talk yet, only the first half, but it’s about making a richer and more widely accessible REPL for Clojure and ClojureScript. The first half of the talk takes a look at the very advanced REPL within Mathematica. I’m now super curious about Mathematica and hoping to get some time to dig into it soon.


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