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And I Ran

So today I ran the best distance yet –  2.59 miles in 25 minutes, controlling for time. This was the third run of the month. I actually experienced a “runners high” for the first time, felt like I could just keep going. I also love using the Nike+ iPhone app, it’s so much more motivating when your competing against your previous time and knowing you’re improving.

I just discovered an awesome app for tracking cycling, and racing courses vs other people called Strava, so I’m psyched to try that too.

Workwise – I also worked through adding features, refactoring, and adding tests to a couple existing rails apps for clients. Steady improvement. No progress on internal product work this week.

This afternoon I went for the second time to the bouldering gym for an hour and a half. Just tried it for the first time a couple weeks ago. It might be my new favorite thing – its exercise, but it’s like a puzzle, using your spatial reasoning to figure out how to get to the top. It sounds and looks easier than it is in reality. I slightly twisted my ankle as well! Feels better now though. That would be awesome, make a bet to run every other day for a month and immobilize myself. We have an alternate plan – if this happens the injured will meditate for an hour instead.

If it sounds like I’m phoning it in this time, it’s because I am! Literally writing this entry from my phone at a bar an hour before deadline. I’m happier with some of the entries from this week more than others. This weekend I’m going to content plan and start drafting early for next week, and hopefully generate something useful for the outside world.


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