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Lazy weekend day

Lazy weekend day. Not a lot of computer time. I’ve been thinking about information products, and how it might be fun / challenging / educational to create an ebook or technical screencast site, and what the content plan for such a thing might look like.

Interesting Links

LispyScript: A JavaScript with macros. LispyScript is not a dialect of Lisp. There is no list processing in LispyScript. LispyScript is JavaScript using a Lispy syntax (tree structures). This is so the syntax tree can be manipulated while compiling in order to support macros.

The Important of Being Prolific: The value of working fast and shipping more, vs toiling slowly and perfecting a smaller body of work.

How to Get Guaranteed Results in Anything: Never ship. The results are guaranteed – nothing.

Exploring Everyday Things with R and Ruby. Explore a wide range of questions by learning how to assemble, process, simulate, and analyze the available data. Looks like a cool book.

Bloom Filters: A very cool interactive visualization and explanation of how bloom filters work.

Data Stories: A podcast on data visualization. Latest episode interviews Jeff Heer, creator of 4 data visualization toolkits, including D3.

Recline.JS: A simple but powerful library for building data applications in pure JavaScript and HTML.


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