Synthesis : Scott Becker

Maps, tracking changes, mashing up data

Some links to things I’ve been thinking about / working on lately:

Choropleth Maps: These are maps with color shaded regions for indicating things like which way states went in presidential elections, population density, per capita income, etc. I’m working on making these with D3 (cool example), and will probably post on it soon. Someone else already did.

Paper Trail: I have multiple projects needing some kind of versioning of data right now. There’s lots of ways to do this. You can roll your own, or you can use an open source project with a lot of the edge cases thought out. Papertrail is a versioning gem for Rails projects. It’s quite extensive and lets you do things like undo changes.

Protocolist: Somewhat related to the above, are activity feeds. Track who did what when in your app.

Tabletop.js: This lets you pull data in to web pages from external Google Spreadsheet documents. Could be useful for ad-hoc dataviz stuff, or just general mashup stuff.



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