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Creating G Suite Add-ons with Apps Script.

I’ve been working on a project to build a G Suite Add-on. This category of software is written in JavaScript and runs within Google’s infrastructure. It’s essentially serverless – you write your scripts, Google runs them, and you don’t think about the compute.

It has it’s own flavor of JavaScript execution environment and a set of APIs for communicating with and extending G-Suite, collectively called Apps Script.

A couple interesting things about it:

CLASP (Command Line Apps Script Projects) is useful and recommended when you’re ready to “get serious” and not just write simple scripts. It lets you:

Interesting things about the Apps Script APIs and execution environment:

Maintaining State

In most business applications, you want to maintain some sort of state, such as a user’s auth token to a 3rd party service, their preferences, etc. Any add-on that talks to a 3rd party service might want this. Until today, I was using an additional “Meta” sheet within a Google Sheet to maintain some state. But I thought there must be a better way and found that there is – the Properties service. This lets you store key/value pairs in a few different contexts:


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