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Weekend Update – 8/23/2020

Things I’ve been into this week:

A course – Video Editing with Final Cut Pro X – From Beginner to YouTuber with Ali Abdaal – I recently discovered Ali on YouTube. His videos on productivity are pretty engaging thanks to his quick cut, polished editing style. Ali made a class on Skillshare giving away a lot of his video editing tips and tricks for faster workflow. I’ve made a video course once before, so I appreciate the difficulty in making a polished video of the same high quality we are accustomed to watching as viewers. I’ve been thinking of starting my own YouTube channel lately, so this is good prep.

Writing – I’ve been working on a long form blog post on how to get better sleep – a departure from the mostly technical topics I’ve posted about in the past. Branching out! I’ve now got a ton of content, but I have more work to do to edit it all into a nice flowing article. Ironically, while putting together the post, I was thinking – I’ve now got a good system going and I’m ready to speak to it with authority. Then I fell off the wagon this week and slipped into a pattern of staying up late again. I’m re-committing myself and hitting the reset button this weekend.

In other writing work, I published a new post on my software development company’s blog on saving money and time when building a mobile app. I’m working on a follow up post with more technical suggestions for faster and more efficient development.

Adventures – O and A are doing excellent at getting outdoors into nature, going on hikes and getting out on the water. We got an Oru Inlet folding kayak about a month ago. They are a bit pricey but super lightweight and convenient. It fits inside the car and is only 20 lbs, which makes it no big deal. This has opened up a new area of exploration for us – actually on the water and not just land locked on the shore at rivers and lakes.

Parenthood – The current work-from-home situation means I get to spend a lot more time together with A. I get to be a part of a lot more of his day than I would have otherwise. He has started to ask “why” about various things, and I love attempting to answer.


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